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Retreat Facilitation

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Getting all the pieces of an organization to fit together towards realization of your mission is an increasing challenge for most nonprofits in the 21st Century.Global economies and new recessionary practices are rapidly changing traditional patterns of doing business.How nonprofits relate to issues of funding, governance, operations and marketing is shifting.Taking stock is often the first responsible step in anticipating change.


The Process:

Impresario understands that organizational retreats differ ó ranging from a simple review to a major overhaul.We divide our services into three distinct components: 1) Stakeholder Interviews, 2) Retreat Facilitation, and 3) Task Initiation.The mix is priced separately to meet the needs and budget of your institution ó any combination from a half day with minimal advance work, to a full weekend prepped with interviews and followed by direct participation in the implementation of the results.


Interviews:We start by conducting casual interviews with stakeholders responsible for the institutionís direction.We carefully craft questions and spend the necessary time listening to your issues instead of trying to impose a one-size-fits-all policy to all nonprofits. Stakeholders generally includes trustees and staff, but can often include outside perspectives that open up new ideas not always recognized from within.We also review relevant documentation from bylaws and operational manuals, to financials, program plans and promotional collateral.We assess the quality of whatís there, but also whatís not.This process allows participants to speak openly, provides clear direction for the retreat, and lets us get to know each other prior to the facilitation.


Retreat Facilitation:There is a lot to address in a short period of time ó be it a half day or a full weekend.We prepare ahead of time, getting to know your organization and the participants before we start.We prepare a space that is both conducive to generating results, removed from the organizationís daily work environment, and aesthetically pleasing to be in for several hours a day.We donít come in and tell you what we think you should do, but instead strive to heighten your own sense of awareness, perspective, discovery and consensus, allowing participants to take ownership of their own organizationís destiny with purpose, direction and motivation in the months to come.We document retreat results in a final report as a guide to achieve your goals.


Task Initiation:After the retreat, we ensure your plans do not lose momentum, providing periodic check-ups in the crucial days or weeks that follow.We measure the benchmarks of the retreatís findings, assess follow-up progress, make adjustments in project direction as needed, and provide essential expertise that allows your organization to move in new directions with vigor, determination and satisfaction.We can also provide important evaluation tools perhaps required for grant reporting purposes or justification for retreat funding.



ďWe help you complete the puzzle of your organizationís goals, so the image of your future comes clearly into focus.Ē