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Succession Planning

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Who’s next in line for the open job?  How do we as team members of the organization work together collaboratively to ensure the future of our institution when things change?  How does an organization adjust to the untimely loss of a Director due to layoffs, elective job change, personal injury or even when the departure is planned?  Most organizations already document staff roles, evaluations procedures and maintain organizational charts, but how many know how to adjust their “flow” when the unexpected happens.  Without a plan, important job knowledge and job functions are lost, power struggles often ensue, organizational focus and leadership is compromised, and the organization is forced to retrench having lost much of the momentum it gained. 


The Process:

It’s a two-fold effort.  We must first determine just where you are currently, as each organization approaches this problem at different times in their development.  Size is also a factor, greatly emphasizing what degree the board must play a role and how many options exist for staff restructuring in times of change.  We’ll review your job descriptions, organizational charts and internal policies for ways to assess staff-board roles, generate options for cross-training and establish procedures for sharing job and program information across a larger base of the organization’s leadership.  Yes, we document our findings and recommendations, but also act to incorporate recommendations into active daily activities that promote cross-referenced job information and functions.  Even if the unthinkable does not happen, your organization benefits from greater camaraderie and a greater sense of ownership from all involved.


Why Impresario?

As an outside and objective observer, Impresario is well suited to assess the existing dynamics of your organization, both structurally and socially, providing balanced insight.  We’ve run organizations just like yours, sat on boards and facilitated proactive change in countless organizations during “bear and bull” financial markets.


We can help your team work together powerfully.