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Operational Check-up

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Even the healthiest organizations need a regular check-up to assess their current effectiveness.  Change is inevitable —  both internally and in the environment around us.  Board leadership shifts annually, staff positions transition, operational protocol and programming requires adjustment, documentation needs updating, funding  changes with economic conditions, and marketing efforts change with public taste and perception.  You may feel healthy enough, but proactive strategic planning provides insurance against a shifting future.


The Process:

Impresario reviews each primary facet of your operation, from board practices, to staff operations, documentation, program effectiveness, finance and fundraising, to marketing and constituent development.  We assess board participation and the interaction that takes place between board and management.  We review bylaws, job descriptions, organizational charts, nominations procedures, budgets, financial statements, program and marketing narratives, and other policy documents to ensure operational parameters continue to work today, but also provide continuity for future boards and staff.  We only recommend change where change is appropriate to improve effectiveness.  We sit in on meetings to observe communication dynamics.  We evaluate programs in relation to financial performance, mission direction and market acceptance.  We review financials for clarity, recommending adjustments that fix weak spots that compromise stability.  Likewise, we touch on changing markets, outlining new approaches to reach broader and more diverse participation by the community.


Why Impresario?

Our neutral position allows us to be objective and see things not obvious to those so close to the current situation.  Likewise, our experience with many different types of institutions provides for new ideas and perspectives not always available within a single institution.  We’ve served on boards, managed nonprofits directly, weathered financial change and marketed a variety of programs to many different types of audiences.  We can do the same for you.


We can keep you healthy for a long and prosperous future.