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Grant Writing

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Effective grant writing is a lot like finding the right key to fit the right lock — opening up new opportunities that allow you to build upon your dreams.  However, finding a good grant source is only a beginning.  It helps to understand the funding source’s intention for the community, their past funding record, their process and timeline for approach, what will entice them to choose your organization to fund in a recessed and competitive financial marketplace, but most of all, that the project you have in mind fits nicely into a partnership that will grow with time.


The Process:

Impresario already has access to a large pool of grant data, we also understand how to assess your programs and current funding to ensure you’ve pursued all of the viable options available — seeking new ones along the way.  We prepare narrative that succinctly explains your organization, its mission, vision and values, and outlines program components for clear understanding and unique funding approaches and collaborations.  We work with your organization to prepare supplemental materials needed for submission and we will represent the organization in grant workshops and discussions with funding sources.  Impresario will prepare all final submissions as required, and will follow-up with granting sources to evaluate funding status and meet reporting requirements throughout the year.  In accordance with ethics established by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Impresario does not work on percentage, but favors flat fees and retainers for research and grant writing.


Why Impresario?

The principals at Impresario have written grants that have scored well, receiving awards totaling over a million dollars.  We have administered grant award programs as staff, conducted grant workshops and served as expert panelists extensively for foundations, government programs, schools and business.  Our service in the role of funder gives us a unique perspective on what funders look for and how their internal systems work operationally and politically. We can even offer a review and suggest the improvements needed to enhance your organizations competitiveness to receive funding.


We have the means to unlock your grant funding potential.