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Financial Assessment

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Building good financial shelters begin with a solid foundation.For nonprofits this generally means a combination of diverse revenue streams, an appropriate balance of earned to unearned income, controlled expenses and reserves sufficient to weather bad times.Nonprofits are used to taking risks ó thatís part of why they exist ó to serve community through new ideas, programs and expressions.Financial risk, however, can be avoided through thoughtful attention to systems that monitor adverse trends, maximize reserves and manage assets productively through effective, proactive planning.


The Process:

Impresario will review your organizationís existing financial statements thoroughly, including budgets, audits, balance sheet, income statement and cash flow, noting inconsistencies and recommending adjustments that balance financial performance.If any of these documents do not exist, we will work with you in developing a financial committee to produce a system of monthly reporting that fits the operational needs of your organization.If further checks and balances are necessary, Impresario will devise a system of internal control that protects employees and board members from inconsistent financial practices.We will assist your board in understanding financial reports, preparing narrative versions of accounting reports that explain the why of financial decisions.We are capable of integrating reports electronically, bringing sales, program revenue, grants and donations in sync with the full reporting system.We will measure the effectiveness of programmatic returns, balancing loss leaders with more profitable ventures, assessing the diversity of revenue streams and monitoring a healthy balance of earned to unearned income all towards your organizations desired financial goals.


Why Impresario?


Though most nonprofits are similar in how they operate financially, in the area of culturally-related operations, Impresario has a strong background in understanding ticket based event management, the added impact of concessions and merchandise, coupled with donor-oriented revenues from grants, donations and sponsorships.We at Impresario have been successful financial managers of our own nonprofits, plus we have the added distinction of working in commercial investment and private business ownership.


We will help you build a financial structure strong enough to support your dreams.