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Bringing Organizations and Audiences Together

     Board Nominations Procedures ($1,000)

             “Start recruiting productive board members today.”

     Budget Development & Documentation ($1,000)

             “Generate realistic budgets that boards and funders can read.”

     Bylaws Assessment & Documentation ($1,000)

             “How to build the most effective operation for a changing world.”

     Financial Assessment ($1,000)

             “Is your organization as financially healthy as it could be?”

     Focus Group Facilitation ($2,500)

             “Find out what constituents really think you ought to be doing.”

     Grant Writing and Research ($1,000/grant)

             “Get a more funding and new support immediately.”

     Marketing/Media Assessment

             “Are you really reaching your real audience?  Are they buying?”

     Mission/Vision Workshop ($1,500)

             “Need a new or inspired direction?  We’ll get you there.”

     On-line Survey Development & Facilitation ($1,500)

             “What do you need to know from the public? How to do it better.”

     Operational Check-up ($1,000)

             “Are you running smoothly?  How could you be more effective?”

     Pre-Feasibility Study Workshop ($1,500)

             “Are you ready to build?  We’ll tell you what you need to begin.”

     Retreat Facilitation ($1,500)

             “We’ll get your team focused and energized.”

     School Residency/Performance Program Development ($2,000)

             “How to build educational impact and audiences of the future.”


                 * fees based on basic scope of service and are subject to adjustment up or down prior to                  contract.   Payment is generally 1/2 in advance, 1/2 upon completion.

Staying ahead and keeping in front of the increasing challenges of the 21st Century is a constant vigil for nonprofits today.  It’s even more essential in a rapidly changing recessionary environment.  With great pleasure and excitement we announce a new service format our company has created to more appropriately provide for the “edge” your organization needs.


We are streamlining the way we do business to allow our relationships with clients the opportunity to be more flexible and affordable. With that in mind, we would like to share with you our exciting new “Express Services” format that we are unfolding which will augment our original full service contracting.  This format will allow for concise “per service” contracts, more efficiency with shorter implementation times of generally less than a month, tangible deliverables and more affordable pricing.

    Impresario Express Services:

Express Services

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