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Bringing Organizations and Audiences Together

Board Development

Establishing participation and a “commitment to ownership” through a board or directors is an essential element of nonprofit health.  The governing body must be engaged and focused on a common direction with purpose.   Failure to achieve this ownership over time, unnecessarily burdens the staff, limits organizational access to knowledge and hampers an organization’s ties to the community it serves.  Stability and continuity come when the strength of the institution as a whole exceeds the influence of individual personalities.


The Process:

Impresario begins by conducting thorough and personalized one-on-one interviews with stakeholders to profile the dynamics of the existing board.  This helps uncover personal attitudes including perceptions of overall board/staff performance, with insight into personal commitments, expectations and reasons for serving on the board.  Additionally, Impresario explores board job functions, fiduciary responsibilities, board-staff communication and board meeting protocol.  Impresario works with existing volunteers to cultivate progressive participation that showcases new board talent — first as volunteers, then through committee assignments towards eventual service on the board.  Effective nominations carefully balance existing talents present on the board with skill sets not yet filled.  Board candidates understand expectations up front, and careful screening assures that candidates have the personal desire, knowledge and capacity to be productive.  Impresario will provide nominations procedures, prepare board job descriptions and agreements, formalize committee structures and assist with board candidate screening where desired and appropriate.


Why Impresario?

We understand that board participation in the 21st Century is changing.  There is less time to volunteer; personal commitments must be more specific;  board and staff roles are changing.  We know how to create clarity about board responsibilities and appreciate today’s more “fluid” environment that challenges long-term continuity and stability.  We’ve worked with hundreds of boards in finding solutions that work for each situation, but still abide by legal nonprofit parameters.  Each organization has different needs and we’ll find what works best for you.


We’ll help you get your board focused, unified and engaged.

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