Service Summary

Main Office;

P.O. Box 34225
Reno, NV 89533-4225
Phone: 775-750-4655

Text Box: arts and nonprofit management

Bringing Organizations and Audiences Together

We get very clear about deliverables up front and work hard to produce positive results.

Audience Development - We致e got the ticket for increasing audience size, participation and loyalty.

Operational Check-up - We can keep you healthy for a long and prosperous future.

Express Services - We値l move you quickly, even with limited resources, towards a capacity that better serves your community.

Board Development - We値l help you get your board focused, unified and engaged.

Grant Writing - We have the means to unlock your grant funding potential.

Financial Assessment - We will help you build a financial structure strong enough to support your dreams.

Succession Protocol - We can help your team work together powerfully.

Retreat Facilitation - We値l help you find all the pieces of your organization and work with you to assemble the whole picture.

Budget Planning - We値l tighten and streamline your budget process so that everyone looks good.


Business Plan Development - We値l keep your financial goals on target without compromising your organization痴 mission.

Capital Campaigns & Feasibility Studies - We値l put the pieces in place for building the facility of your dreams.

Cultural Plan Development - We値l build a plan for the whole community that celebrates the cultural diversity in all of us.

Grant Program & Panel Management - We can serve on panels or help you build a program that nurtures cultural growth.

Marketing Campaign Development - We値l find your target market, enhance your message and improve communication.

Mission & Vision Development - We値l help you find the best direction for your organization and why you want to be there.

Professional Writing & Editing - We generate narrative you need, with clarity, enthusiastic prose and a compelling stance.

Program Development - New programs bring added flow into an organization we make it easy, exciting and profitable.

Research, Focus Groups & Surveys - Our research will shed new light on your options to take action.

Strategic Planning - We can assist you in creating the blueprint for your future.

Trends in Nonprofit Management - Things change. We値l show you how to stay competitive in the 21st Century.