About Us

With more than 55 years cumulative experience in nonprofit management, Impresario draws from skills tailored to meet today’s challenges. Our clients succeed when their business is governed well, operations are balanced, finances are secure and marketing efforts generate visibility.

This kind of balance allows organizations to breathe, assess their future and plan ahead, instead of constantly putting out fires — simply moving from crisis to crisis.  We’re intent on helping you break this cycle and transcend to a healthy level of operation.  In the end, it is our desire that your organization be recognized by your community as an indispensable part of the fabric that defines who they are.

We achieve results through a variety of services that include everything from one-time “tune-up” workshops, to more in-depth overhauls.  Whether you have new programs to develop, are coping with a complete re-organization, hiring new staff or simply need help with daily hands-on management, fundraising or board development, Impresario can help you meet the challenges of your future.

The Impresario Touch:

First, we will provide you with an initial phone consultation or personal meeting (at no charge or obligation)


Second, we will identify the most appropriate service for your organization.


Third, we will create a "custom" service plan to meet identified and requested needs.


Fourth, Impresario’s progress will have measurable, results, benchmarks and agreed upon deliverables provided in accordance with pre-determined time lines.


Fifth, all information shared with Impresario will remain confidential.

We listen carefully…

Main Office;

P.O. Box 34225
Reno, NV 89533-4225
Phone: 775-750-4655

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Bringing Organizations and Audiences Together

“John’s work ethic, dedication to the tasks at hand and professionalism were traits that distinguished him from a great many others.”


Thomas (Tom) Tait

Secretary of Tourism

Nevada Commission on Tourism