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Impresario is committed to helping nonprofits help themselves. We are dedicated to refining how nonprofits conduct their business.

We advise and work with nonprofits that are  developing, troubled or on the threshold of transition. We find solutions to your problems with a balance of traditional policy and more progressive ideas attuned to today’s rapidly changing nonprofit environment.

Impresario strives for solutions that can be implemented today, while working towards a more substantial exploration of the client’s mission as a nonprofit prepared for tomorrow’s society. Our approach is neither canned nor a quick fix, but rather a balanced process that ensures greater stability and a heightened self-sufficiency by the organization to manage its own affairs.

Bringing Organizations and Audiences Together

We focus on challenges with a balance of traditional policy combined with new and progressive ideas.


Main Office;

P.O. Box 34225
Reno, NV 89533-4225
Phone: 775-750-4655


John M Shelton


(775) 750-4655

Tami Castillo Shelton


(503) 928-0501

· Finding direction through leadership.


· Smooth running operations.


· Building dreams with strong financial foundations.


· Becoming a leading industry voice via effective marketing.


· Utilizing education to reach maximum organizational potential.

“With John, the region's arts and cultural institutions have had a tremendous champion in their corner.”


                 Nettie Oliverio, Chair

                 Reno Arts & Culture Commission